Transformative is the word that surfaces when I consider the impact of my style consultation with Marley.

She fundamentally changed the way I cultivate and maintain my wardrobe, by helping me to think gently but critically about my fashion values, and better understand the “why” behind the clothes I truly love - as well as those I bought in the past and quickly stopped loving. Our consultation left me with a roadmap to bring my personal style into congruence with the values I hold and want to project to the world. Today, my wardrobe and my self feel aligned in a way they’ve never been before. It makes getting dressed a joy, and has significantly extended the value I’m getting for the money I spend when I shop. I credit all of these results to the warmth, professionalism, skill, and mindfulness that Marley brought to her work with me. She’s truly a wonder.

- Taylor B


The work that Marley does isn't just about style or fashion, but in the underlying sense of what those things can mean or give to people's lives. 

Marley has a unique and profound ability to offer clear and concise observations without any attached judgment, which offered my clarity and created a safe space for reflection and exploration that I haven't ever experienced in other fashion spaces. Her own self-awareness and insight shine through as she works hard (successfully) to make the consult a personalized and meaningful experience for each person. Most importantly, she really sees the person behind the clothes, which made the consult seem like an investment in me and not just my closet. I couldn't be more grateful for her time and expertise. 

- Kris I. 

Marley is a master closet organizer.

Over the last few years, between moves and weight fluctuation, I have accumulated a lot of clothing. Dealing with this issue has been stressful to think of doing on my own. I was overwhelmed, and had trouble knowing what to keep and what to let go. I wasn't moving on this issue, so as soon as the opportunity to get some help was presented, I had to reach out. 

Not only was organizing my clothing with Marley a huge relief, it was also very informative. I got a better understanding of what I needed, and what I liked. I learned what good foundation pieces were for me. I learned about clothing that fits my body, no matter what weight I gain or lose. I was empowered, and started having fun. As we got towards the end of the sorting process, it became a lot easier. I was able to make decisions more quickly and with more confidence. I wasn't as afraid to let go of things that weren't serving me. Marley coloured-coded one closet, decided the other closet would be best organized by casual and formal-wear, and helped me put back all my pieces in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

The consultation was one of the best things to happen to me this year, and Marley is the best person to do it with. Her knowledge, personality, and kind spirit made a stressful, almost embarrassing situation, turn into an enlightening process! I cannot come up with enough good things to say about her! Marley goes above and beyond! 

Thank you so much for this experience. 

- Chrissie B. 


My experience with Marley was revolutionary

She was able to help me find an authentic focus for my style. She first helped me identify my needs and goals then gently guided me offering useful tips on how to pair and contrast pieces in a very “me” way. I refer to this document when I feel lost or when I’m contemplating buying certain items. Do they serve my sense of style or my values? I feel comfortable expressing myself through fashion thanks to her guidance and support. The creative process of dressing myself is such an essential space for my mental wellness & creative expression. Thank you Marley!!!!

- Faith T

A consultation with Marley really feels like fashion therapy

I have been on my fashion journey full of twists and turns for several years now, trying to figure it out on my own. It's been a challenging experience so imagine my surprise how many breakthroughs were possible in just 90 minutes with Marley. This is entirely credit to Marley, who is fantastic at striking the perfect balance between being supportive so you feel like she truly understands you, but also remaining impartial so you know she's not biased (as opposed to friends and family whose advice may be influenced by how they perceive you - my mom, for example would love me to dress more feminine).

A consultation with Marley really feels like fashion therapy. She brings such warmth and compassion to the process, listening attentively to me talking through my pieces, picking up on cues to tell me things I didn't realize about myself. She helped me work through a lot of mental blocks, such as, how to distinguish between items that "need some work" vs items that "just don't work for me". Her insights gave me a sense of direction to define my personal style, as well as the confidence and inner peace to say goodbye to several lovely pieces that I previously couldn't let go of because I kept blaming myself for being too lazy or uninspired to wear. Her kindness reminded me to be more kind to myself and acknowledge the progress that I have made already, while equipping me with additional tools to progress further.

A++, 100%, 5-stars, 10/10, do recommend to anyone and everyone. Marley, I can't thank you enough for your tremendous efforts and expertise. 

- Linda Z

I feel much more confident in my ability to curate a closet that makes me smile every day! 

I booked a wardrobe consultation with Marley because I felt so overwhelmed and lost in how to put together outfits that bring me joy and make me feel good. Having this consultation was exactly what I needed to figure out how to identify my style and reflect that in my closet.

Marley was so fun to work with, she is very quick and intuitive when providing expert styling advice, and she does this in an incredibly kind, professional, and non-judgmental way. She helped me define what I love in my closet and what is missing to be able to create outfits I love. To top it all off, Marley made me a shopping list with key items I should purchase to be able to create the minimalistic-chic vibe I want to convey. Thank you so much Marley. 

- Alexis D 

Would 100 Percent Recommend! 

My wardrobe consultation with Marley was incredibly helpful in my journey of trying to pare down my wardrobe to my favourite things, and the ones I actually wear. Her insights on the styles I responded positively to and what layering worked for which items got me out of the mindset of certain items just being for specific seasons, which has opened up my options exponentially. During the appointment, we went through some of my items and dissected what I liked/disliked in each. Doing so has really opened my eyes to the things I enjoy wearing and that look good on me versus the ones I kept out of some feeling of obligation. While the process of creating my dream wardrobe is ongoing, I am extremely grateful to Marley for her help, and found the appointment exceptionally fruitful.

- Anastasiya B

Marley organized my clothes in the best possible way imaginable

After a hectic move I was left with a completely unorganized closet and an already unclear style. Marley not only helped me settle in to my new home by organizing my clothes in the best possible way imaginable, she also guided me to discover and pinpoint what my style exactly is, ways to further develop my style, and what pieces I may need to add to my wardrobe to meet my style goals! She was kind and friendly as ever. I highly recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with any elements of their personal wardrobe, how to style specific pieces, or are seeking general fashion advice. Thank you again Marley! 

- Emily H 



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    Participant Feedback

    Participant Feedback

    I' m having so much fun with my closet and getting dressed. I’ve spent like half an hour almost every day since the workshop trying to style different pieces I love and/or don’t wear as frequently.
    Im immensely grateful for the experience you provided and, to me, it was worth so much more than what it cost ♥️