2-for-1 Styling/Personal Shopping Experience


Grab a loved one and come join Marlène and Trove for a 90 minute session where we will define your personal style and shop together to find pieces to meet your every day needs.


The experience will be 90 minutes and will feature a blend of intimate conversation, fun exercises, and guided shopping. 

The sessions will take place during store off hours so we will have the entire store to ourselves to learn, explore, and play. 

This session is designed for two people. While we welcome folks of all genders to attend, please note that Trove primarily sells femme clothing. 

PART I  Discovering Your Style Identity 

  1. Learn more about your personal style
  2. Identify your style values
  3. Utilize clothes as a form of self-expression
  4. Discover which styles and shapes will help you achieve your style goals

PART II  Personal Shopping 

  • Using the insights we gleaned during the first portion of the experience, Marley will hand select pieces for you to try 
  • Together, you will discuss why certain pieces work (or don't) 
  • We will work to break down any mental barriers that exist surrounding what types of clothing you feel you "should" wear vs those you WANT to wear 

This experience is non-refundable. Should something prevent you from keeping your original appointment time, we will work to find a makeup time that works for everyone.