The Signature Wardrobe Consultation


The Signature Wardrobe Consult is designed as a 3-part experience: 


  • Before we meet, I will reach out with a set of questions that will help clarify your goals for our session 
  • Based on your goals, I will provide specific preparation instructions so that we can make the most of our time together 


On the day of our session, we will spend between 3 and 4 hours together in your home. Our time will be tailored to your individual needs and goals and will follow this outline:

Discovering your personal style 

    • Identify your style values
    • Utilize clothes as a form of self-expression - 
  • what do you want your clothes to say about you? 
  • Discover which colours, styles, and shapes will help you achieve your style goals
  • Learn where (and how!) to shop in the future

Editing and Organizing 

    • Display your clothing in a way that is intuitive and easy
    • Edit your wardrobe: 
  • Determine what to keep, alter, donate, sell 
  • Honour pieces you love but no longer meet your style goals 

Styling Your Current Wardrobe 

    • Create outfit formulas that are easy to remember and replicate 
    • Discover why you're ignoring certain items
    • Integrate your occasion-specific clothing into your day-to-day
    • Learn how to style using texture, colour, and layers
  • Identify gaps in your wardrobe


After our day together, you will not be on your own. The Signature is designed to offer ongoing support through:

Personalized Style Guide

  • I will create a document outlining everything we covered during our session, this will serve as a roadmap to your style moving forward
  • It will include
    • list of questions to make smarter purchase decisions in the future
    • an outline of key pieces you're missing in your wardrobe
    • up to 5 shoppable links to pieces that will fill these gaps
    • your style values
    • useful tips/track
    • your measurements

One Year of Ongoing Support 

  • For 365 days following our appointment, consider me your virtual style helper. I will be there to answer quick questions you may have, such as:
    • I have a wedding coming up, what do you think I should wear?
    • Does this outfit work?
    • Should I buy this? 
  • Please note that during our session, we will create healthy boundaries around this part of the service